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Bondage Hood UK

Heavy Duty Studded Vegan Leather Hood - With Locks

Heavy Duty Studded Vegan Leather Hood - With Locks

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Cuffing, tying, choking. What if that is still not enough for our naughty slave?

We have to go to the next level, and t
his hood will take the punishment to the extreme:

Inner pads offer comfort and intensity as they block out all sound. Cover your slave's eyes with the removable eye pads, blocking out all light, zip their mouth shut and secure it in place with a lock.

Now they are completely helpless. Now take the scene one step further as you leash them up by the 'D' ring on their neck...


  • Includes blindfold and locks
  • Padded design to be worn for hours.
  • Durable for hardcore play
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy-to-use buckles, straps and lacing. Adjustable for all sizes
  • Synthetic vegan leather
  • Heavy duty 'D' rings 


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