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Satisfy your masochistic fantasies with our range high quality Sensory Deprivation Bondage Hoods

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The Thrill Of Sensory Deprivation

We have EVERYTHING for your extreme, heart-pounding experience whilst exploring your masochistic fantasies


Welcome To Bondage Hood UK

Bondage hoods are some of the kinkiest and most popular accessories for role play and BDSM. The feel of the tight material on your face and the way a quality vegan leather bondage hood affects and hinders your senses can be incredibly erotic. A quality Bondage hood can be used for BDSM partner play, group sex where anonymity is desired and even for masturbation. They are incredibly versatile sexual accessories and are essential items for every bondage lover!

What is a Bondage Hood Used For?

Bondage hoods are designed both to conceal the face of the wearer and also to give their dom more control over them. On a psychological level, just putting the hood on strips you of your identity, your rights and any independent thought or action. It puts you entirely in the hands of your dom and helps to build huge trust between dom and sub.

Wearing a bondage hood also means that your dom can control your senses which can be a disorientating and exhilarating experience. Each bondage hood provides different levels of sensory deprivation with some hoods only restriction sight or hearing while others block all the senses leaving you totally at your doms mercy. There are even bondage hoods which enable your dom to control your breathing which is the ultimate test of trust and submission.

How does a Bondage Hood Enhance Dom and Sub Play?

A bondage hood allows the wearer to remain anonymous and more easily take on the persona of a completely submissive sex slave. While wearing the hood they can lose themselves in their role before returning back to their normal self when they take it off. 

Bondage hoods also enable the dom to assume their role and treat their sub like their own personal servant. This can sometimes be difficult for new BDSM practitioners who don’t yet feel comfortable in their roles and also for couples who may not find it difficult to chastise or punish each other. With a bondage hood, you can forget about who is under the hood and just enjoy whatever sexual play turns you on.

What are the Different Types of Bondage Hood Available?

There are bondage hoods with all kinds of different features that can take your BDSM play to a whole other level. In fact, many people have more than one bondage hood depending on what they have planned. Some of the most important features to look for when choosing a bondage hood include:

1. Overall Bondage Hood Design

A classic bondage hood covers the entire face, head and neck. This creates a completely immersive and anonymous experience as you are completely enveloped in the hood. While this can be both thrilling and disorientating, it can sometimes be too much, particularly if you are new to bondage play. In this case, you may want to work your way up to a full bondage hood with a more open design. There are various bondage bdsm masks, face harnesses and other items which can provide many of the same benefits of a full bondage hood but which are less intimidating.

2. Bondage Hood Material

As well as different designs, bondage hoods also come in a number of different materials. Each has its own unique feel and will provide a different experience. At Bondage Hood UK we have leather bondage hoods, latex hoods, rubber bondage hoods and many more. As well as offering different sensations, different materials can also affect the price of your bondage hood. For example, some of the most popular hoods we sell are our high-quality leather bondage hoods. These hoods not only feel amazing but they will last you a lifetime of BDSM fun so many people choose to dress their sub in leather.

3. Sensory Deprivation Features

How immersive your bondage hood experience will be is largely dependent on the extent to which your senses are deprived. We have open masks which only cover the mouth and nose allowing you to see and hear without obstruction, full face hoods which completely shut you off from any light, sound or smell and everything in between. Again, beginners may want to start off with a bondage hood that allows them a lot of sensory awareness or they may want to jump straight into silence darkness and allow their dom to exert total control over them. 

4. Breathing Hole Design

As well as depriving you of your senses, some of the most hardcord bondage hoods can actually force you to give up control of your oxygen intake. We have a number of different bondage hoods with ballgag attachments and mouth zippers which mean you will have to put total trust in your dom. A lot of BDSM couples enjoy breath play and it can be an incredibly intense and erotic experience. However, the most important thing when you are experimenting with breath play (as is the case with many BDSM activities) is to have a clear safe word or gesture so that your dom knows if you are in any trouble or discomfort.

5. Attachments

Attachments are another major consideration when choosing a bondage hood. Different hoods may have collars, attachments for leashes or chains, muzzles, gags, zips and various other features to enhance your BDSM play. Choosing a bondage hood with the right attachments can open the door to all kinds of bondage activities that you haven’t even considered.

Choosing the right hood can take serious consideration but at Bondage Hood UK, we have every imaginable hood to make your choice as easy as possible. Whether you are looking for a simple mask and gag to keep your sub quiet or a full-on bondage hood to deprive them of their senses so that you are totally in control, we have what you are looking for!

All of our bondage hoods are made from the highest-quality materials with every product eligible for express delivery. Browse our full collection of bondage hoods and masks today and take your BDSM play to another dimension!

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