Fetish for Beginners: Hoods and Masks

Bondage hoods and masks are integral to all kinds of BDSM and fetish play. Made famous by the “Gimp” scene in the movie Pulp Fiction, hoods and masks come in a range of different designs and with various features that you can use to dominate your sub. When you first start out on your fetish adventures, it can be difficult to know which hoods and masks to choose for your BDSM fun.

To help you make the right choice, here is our in-depth Fetish for Beginners: Hoods and Masks guide.

What are Bondage Hoods and Masks Used For?

Bondage hoods and masks are used for a range of different bondage, fetish and general BDSM play. They help wearers to lose themselves in their submissive roles, provide complete anonymity and can be used for control and breath and sensory deprivation. Some bondage masks also have attachments which can be attached to chains and leashes for other S&M play.

What are the Different Hoods and Masks Available?

There are various fetish hoods and masks available to suit every BDSM lover's needs. Full blackout hoods render the wearer blind, deaf and unable to speak and even breathe. This is the ultimate sensory deprivation experience leaving the sub completely at the whim of their sub. Other fetish masks are like a muzzle and cover only the mouth so that subs can be silenced by their master or mistress. It is fun to have a collection of different bondage hoods and masks so you can experiment and see what you and your partner enjoy.

What Features are Most Popular?

Popular bondage hood and mask features include:

  • Adjustable straps and laces for a comfortable fit
  • Customisable sensory deprivation features
  • Integrated gags and collars
  • Loops and other attachments for chains
  • Different materials like leather, nylon and PVC
  • Breathing holes and mouth zips for breath play

All of these features are important considerations when choosing your first fetish masks and hoods or when you are looking to add new items to your bondage collection.

How do You Take Care of Your Masks and Hoods?

Fetish masks and hoods can accumulate a lot of sweat, saliva and other bodily fluids but they are really easy to take care of. Whether leather, PVC or nylon, most masks can be cleaned with just hot water and antibacterial soap. This should be done both before and after wearing the mask to prevent bacteria from building up. Leather masks and hoods can also be polished using standard leather polish to keep them in great condition for years of bondage fun.

No fetish wardrobe is complete without a serious collection of bondage masks and hoods. They help subs to assume their roles, provide anonymity and offer doms a range of features to punish, dominate and control their slaves. Choosing your perfect bondage hoods and masks takes a little time and consideration but is also a lot of fun. So start browsing today and you will soon have your sub ready and willing to serve!